Ready to create your online business,

Learning new platforms, creating courses, designing membership portals all take time.
As a soloprenuer time is money, so why not get your time back! 

A Chief Operations Engineer can do it ALL for you!

You want your Online Business to be a well oiled machine 

    • Lead generation that nurtures 
  • Seamless sales processes 
  • User friendly products

As a Solopreneur it can be a challenge to keep track and understand all the back end operations that go into running a business online.

At best you may have narrowed down to an all in one platform (My favorite is Simplero)

At worst you're so overwhelmed you don't know what you've done or not done.

Or maybe you're like many utilizing a website, a payment processor, a shop, a scheduler, and an email service, all of which live on a different software platform.

Each of these takes time to learn and time to set-up in a way that feels presentable.

And let's face it your business is your baby, you want it to be perfect and running smoothly.

That's where I come in!

Together we will...

Consult: Schedule a 30min orientation about where you're at in your business.
Diagnose: We will asses your current offerings and processes
Strategize: Vision plan your business needs and desires together
Implement: You content and products will be online ready to share
Maintain: Continue support for your operations and growth

 You're in the right place if...

  • You have an online business or are looking to start one
  • Have a vision but not sure how to execute
  • Want to spend more time with your clients and less time creating your business ecosystem

Still got questions?

What types of tasks does an Operations Engineer do?
An operations Engineer helps you create your back end systems. This includes but is not limited to create the structure of products, courses, and member portals. Building automations such as email nurture sequences. Connecting your software tools to work together. Setting you up on new software platforms. 

Do you work with any particular software/hardware?
Currently I specialize in Simplero, and the majority of my clients are moving to or already working in Simplero themselves. I also regularly assist clients with Acuity and Shopify and zapier and Quickbooks. I also have experience working in Kajabi, teachable, wordpress, square space, and survey monkey just to name a few. I am always happy to learn software as well so if you are using something I'm not presently familiar with don't let that worry you. 

What's Simplero and Why do you specialize in it?
Simplero ( is a web based software that is a one stop shop, it can be as simple as your website and email provider, or much more robust to include a member portal, online classes, and more. I have chosen to specialize in it because of it's versatility for all kinds of online businesses. It's user friendly for both you as the business owner as well as the front end for your clients. It's Simple! I offer trainings if you want to learn more.

How does your pricing work?
There are two ways to work with- an hours based package or on monthly retainer. I recommend most clients start with an hours based package while exploring how a COE will work for their business, then move to monthly retainer. But we will talk through the nitty gritty when we meet. 

I've never worked with a COE how will I know what to do?
Don't worry, I'll walk you through the whole process. Once we establish our relationship I will set us up an Asana account for project management, Lastpass for sharing login information, and tell you which accounts to add me as an admin on. I will also tell you everything I need from you such as copy and images, product related details, or anything else I might need to start creating your backend ecosystem.

I want to learn more or get started, what do I do?
Book a 30min consultation.

  • Intentional Motherhood

    “It is always a pleasure to work with Sherrie Williams. She does a top quality job in a timely manner; and is always open to making any necessary changes to the copy I share with her. She sets a high standard for herself, and truly understands what goes into being a successful virtual assistance to a harried entrepreneur.”

    Public Speaking Coach

  • Intentional Motherhood

    “Working with Sherrie made my life so much easier! I like to brainstorm and talk my ideas through with someone and she was amazing at listening then offering suggestions and executing the work needed. She’s fast, efficient, and super sweet. I’m grateful for her and her support. ”

    {ther • happy}

  • Intentional Motherhood

    “Sherrie is a kind, loyal, and dedicated ally, willing to go the extra mile to support her clients. She is extremely trustworthy and will go out of her way to get your job done with ease, efficiency, and professionalism. I would highly recommend her as a valuable asset.”

    Women Empowering Women Founder

  • Intentional Motherhood

    “Sherrie is great to work with! Recently, she helped me move my website to a new platform and was able to take care of all the little details of that transition so I could focus on things only I can do - like writing, creating videos, and engaging my audience! Having a VA helps me grow my platform faster! I highly recommend her. ”


  • Intentional Motherhood

    “I wasted a lot of my own time trying to learn the nuances of Simplero. Best thing I did was hire Sherrie Williams to make it work. She can do things a lot better and a lot faster. Get out of your own way, hire her to do your set up!”

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